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For individuals or small to medium sized companies.

Wipspace hosting is a solution aimed at small to medium sized businesses, offering a secure and reliable server infrastructure on the Wipspace server The Wipspace team of engineers maintain, update and keep the service running at an optimal level.

The hosted solution is run as a SaaS (Software as a service) model whereby a monthly subscription is paid, so that no initial financial outlay is required.

Access from Anywhere

As long as there is an internet connection and a computer you can log into your profile and start using the application. Your team members and clients can also log into the application from anywhere in the world.

No Software

Wipspace is an entirely web based application, which means that no software needs to be installed for any of users to access it. So there are no hassles related to working from internet cafes, different offices or even home! It also means that the team at Wipspace are constantly updating the application with new features.

Custom Skin

Your profile is designed to match your company’s brand; a Wipspace designer integrates your brand into the Wipspace framework, ensuring that your brand values are carried through into your Wipspace. The branding includes your Wipjob and Wipreel skin, log in emails and customised log in screens.

Monthly Subscription

The Wipspace hosted solution works on a monthly subscription. There are no fixed contract terms; the subscription is strictly on a month by month basis. There are different packages starting from as little as £ 19.95 a month, as well as customised packages designed to suit your specific requirements.


There are varying levels of support, depending on the package you choose, ranging from email, telephonic or a personal account representative.

Website Intergration

Wipspace facilitates website integration which takes place on several different levels. You can attach several Wipreels to your public website, forums or even Facebook pages. The login screen (branded with your company ID) is also attached to your website. A link is provided to a client access area that will seamlessly connect through to your Wipspace profile.
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