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For media production companies, advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments.

The enterprise solution is aimed at larger companies who need to run Wipspace through their own infrastructure, or on a dedicated Wipspace server. The enterprise solution includes the super admin area, which allows you to create client profiles (which would be accessed the same way as it is in the hosted solution).

Each client profile works exactly as it does in the hosted solution, allowing the enterprise user to assign different client profiles to different departments, brands, clients and suppliers. This allows each job participant to communicate and manage their own Wipjobs and Wipreels.

Dedicated Infrastructure

The Wipspace enterprise solution runs on your own server, whether it is on your internal network or on a hosted facility of your choice. Wipspace also installs, runs and maintains servers for our clients on Wipspace’s infrastructure, allowing Wipspace access to firewalls so that information is protected by higher level of security.

Centralised Workflow

The enterprise solution brings another level of centralised workflow into the mix by allowing clients to send information between their different profiles. This allows for information to be shared in a far more controlled and structured way than email or via a general file server.

Internal Job Management

While a client profile may be setup for one specific project, the enterprise solution allows for the project team to have access to other client profiles. This extends the internal collaboration of projects, and projects based environments, allowing management to keep an overview of each specific profile.

Revenue Stream

You may choose to charge a monthly rental fee to clients for each client profile, thus effectively turning Wipspace enterprise solution into your own revenue stream. Wipspace enterprise solution has an automated invoice module built into the framework, whereby each customer is invoiced on a monthly basis from the system automatically.

Client Brand Management

Each client profile has its own unique branded Wipjobs and Wipreels, allowing each profile user to communicate through their brand. This allows each profile to be distinctly individual, and each profile user can purchase additional unique skins.
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