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H.264 High Quality Movie Playback

Using the latest advances in the H.264 codec, Wipspace can display high quality video while providing smooth streaming. The H.264 codec is largely recognised as the standard in online video technology.

Download, Comment, Forward

Wipreel content can be downloaded, and a unique feature is the ability to attach high resolution DVD quality files to each web formatted file. This ensures the recipient of the Wipreel can download a high resolution offline file for rendering to DVD.

iPhone Accessability

A Wipreel can be viewed on an iPhone, so that you can access and show your work to your team members or your clients wherever you are, whenever you want to. It is simple and easy to use: when you click on the iPhone link you will get an iPhone compatible view of the movies.

Embed your Wipreel on your Website

Instead of a having a seperate movie gallery on your website, why not use your wipreels AS your gallery. Wipreels can be easily embedded onto your site and when you update your Wipreel, it updatse on your site too.

Send Public or Secure Wipreel Links

Wipreels can be sent as either Secure or Public.
The Secure Option sends the client a username and password with which they can login to your reel. It also allows you to let the client view more then one reel.
The Public Option sends a link which the client clicks to go straight into the Wipreel. It can also be sent around so others can view it... perfect for your next viral campaign.
Why Wipreels?
  • Impress Clients
    through a powerful, uniquely branded movie player.
  • Makes Videos look like Movies
    with Wipreels high quality capabilities. Also allowing your contacts to download dvd quality movies.
  • User Friendly
    so your clients don't need to do anymore then click a link to view your movies.
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