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Upload, Download, Comment

The job page allows team members to upload, download or comment on the job, creating a two way platform which is not simply about presenting the job, but allows all team members to build the job in a way that allows information to flow freely.

Web Standard Navigation

Wipspace utilises a standard web approach, making it easy to use – no complicated software packages to learn!

Multiple Layout Options

There are multiple ways the content can be viewed, and via a simple drop down menu you can select which way best suites the content you want to review. The available views are: slideshow, thumbnails, large image, movie, image-text, text, image bar and the 3D wall.

Your Wipspace, Your Brand

When it comes to presentation, your work needs to be seen within the confines of your base brand. With Wipspace's branded interface, this is accomplished easily and professionally.
Wipspace also allows for multiple skins, perfect for those projects where two or more companies are working together on one job.

Client Login Area on your Website

Why not have your Client Login to Wipspace attached directly to your website? That way, your clients know they need only go to your site to view progress or content on the job.
Why Wipjobs?
  • Save Time
    by putting all your job information in one, easy-to-use website.
  • Reduce the Stress
    of job operations by seeing exactly what's in your job.
  • Clear Communication
    throughout your job is easy with Wipjob comments and personal messages.
  • Professionality
    is relayed via the branded interface of your wipjob. Keeping your brand has never been so easy.
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