Industry / Media Production

Film Production

I’m a Executive producer

I need to a tool that allows me to oversee all the communication and content that is generated around a production. For instance, I need to be kept up to date on the casting, locations, permits, budgets, props, studio space, timing, crew and all the thousands of other things necessary for a professional production. Keeping my finger on the pulse is a combination of having the right people and checking and rechecking every last detail.

Wipspace allows me to keep on top of everything as it happens. I It Wipspace affords me the ability to see all the job areas at once. I can jump in when I can see wrong choices being made, and congratulate my team when they make clever choices.

I’m a TV Producer

Creating high quality television commercials is a highly stressful job, largely due to the time frame in which the commercial needs to be produced. This boils down to doing a job in a very short space of time and while keeping a very close eye on the budget so that I don’t overshoot on the job.

I need to keep the director and client happy, and make sure everyone is doing their job, so for me Wipspace helps to centralise all my communication, and be able to communicate to all the involved parties in a quick and easy way. It also allows me keep everyone up to date with any developments on the job.
Music Production

I’m a Music producer

Centralising and displaying my previous work to clients is how I get new jobs, but once I have the job making sure that all communication flow clearly and simply is always one of the vital elements involved in running a professional production. Being professional means keeping clients happy, which mean more work. So, all in all Wipspace allows me to communicate and share my audio files through my brand.
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