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Marketing Departments

I’m a Marketing Director

I see the vision of where the brand is and where it needs to be. Establishing, refining and reinforcing the positioning of my brand is the most essential part of my game. As management I have a lot of different issues to deal with at any one time, but I need to make sure all the communication falls in line with the brand. The creative process is a great part of my job and I like to be involved in it, the ability to have an overview of the different creative media being worked on, while it is in production is of extreme value to me.

Wipspace allows me to view the process and make sure that I have my finger on the pulse. It does not require that I sit and view the process all day, but it does allow me the benefit of quickly being able to see what has been going on.
Sales Departments

I’m a Sales Representative

I am constantly involved with customers and sending them information. My level of professionalism is due largely to how successful I am as a sales person. I need to send my potentials sales packs and market related information to potential clients, and from here I send them quotes, pricing documents and finally contracts.

Wipspace helps me to centralise all this information in a Wipjob, and my clients don’t need to search through their email to find the correct information. It makes me look professional, and allows me to reach my targets in an easier and more efficient way.
Multi National

I’m a Brand manager

I am responsible for the brand from its overall marketing to general performance. Managing a brand is a complicated and a very specific job but I work with people who allow me to harness different skill sets to cater for the different elements needed. Increasing my brands value is what I do and I need to work on multiple projects at the same time., I need a system which gives me control over this workflow, and allows me to communicate rich media material, as well as documents and spread sheets.

Wipspace keeps my brand information in one central place so that I can run multiple jobs at the same time and get different participants to interact on different jobs; I have the ability to make sure all jobs are on track and within our working timeframe.
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