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I’m a Creative Director

Keeping on top of a creative department is a brilliant, but demanding job. Creativity is my passion so it is the most rewarding job in the world. My job is to manage and create, so the ability to receive all my information from my teams in a way which allows me to review and gain the essence of the idea is essential. I want the creatives in my department to spend their time being creative, and not on getting the information into a format which works for me. Wipspace allows each job to have its own flexible framework which can grow and change as the job evolves.

With Wipspace I have a central control page which filters by the different jobs on the go at any one time. It helps me to stay on top of everything. Once I have approved the job it can go onto the client service department, and then directly through to the client all in a format that displays my company’s branding, ensuring the high level of professionalism I demand.

I’m a Copywriter

I like having the freedom to work for myself, from where ever I want. An essential element to working in a variety of different location is the way in which I communicate digitally; email, which I have been using, just has too many problems. There always seem to be a number of separate conversations taking place with different people about the same thing, and no way of tracking who’s said what. Someone is always not in the loop which causes delays, and inevitably causes problems.

Wipspace allows me to communicate in a clear, easy and professional manner, which essential to maintaining that level of professionalism that my clients expect. Anyone can log in at any time for a project update.
Corporate Design House

I’m the head of design studio.

I service internal clients and coordinate with external specialist suppliers. I work within a defined brand framework and it is essential for me to manage and collaborate clearly with internal and external project stack holders. Due to the different skill sets involved in a project it is sometimes very difficult to explain and create clear understanding of the underlying issues involved with producing different creative solutions.

Wipspace gives me this answer, while allowing everyone to view and feedback through a central system. It allows the designers to have access to the legal, communication, sales and all other aspects required to make a project successful.
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